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An adjunct instructor is often the first teacher a community college student meets.

Community colleges teach nearly 40 percent of all postsecondary students nationally, making this a significant number of students who are taught and advised by adjunct instructors (Horn & Nevill, 2006).

Community colleges have long depended on adjunct instructors to accommodate specialized courses and fluctuating enrollments. However, since 1962 the use of adjuncts has risen dramatically - approaching 70 percent in 2010 (Palmer, 1999; American Federation of Teachers (AFT), 2010).

The majority of instructors hired at community colleges today are part-time inspite of the Commission on the Future of Community Colleges warning that part-time faculty has reached excessive levels (Commission on the Future of Community Colleges (CFCC), 1988; AFT, 2010).

Given these trends and the level of interaction with students, experts recommend that colleges establish effective practices for integrating adjunct faculty into the college community (Gappa & Leslie, 1993; Rutschow et al, 2011).

This is a website for and by adjunct faculty who teach at 2- and 4-year colleges.